"The Crowhop Baseball Camp is the perfect mix of instuction and fun, especially for the 6-12 year old age bracket. Campers receive plenty of instuction and opportunity to learn more about hitting and fielding. The difference in this camp and others is the way the camp instuctors incorporate fun into each day," 

Coach Clinton Welch- Head Baseball Coach @ Ridge Point High School in Sienna Plantation


Coach Crowhop's Camp is a great experience for young baseball players who are trying to perfect their skills and talents. Ted Harris is very knowledgeable and has a great instinct on how to work with young players. Coach Crowhop's camp is very structured and organized which allows the players to always be doing some drill or exercise. Experiencing the camp provides a chance to learn the little things in baseball such as picking off runners, leading off bases, bunting, and the infamous crowhop. My experience at Coach Crowhop's camp was very helpful and provided me great insight on the game of baseball at a very young age.

James Loney
Starting 1st baseman of the New York Mets
High School Player of the Year - 2002; 1st Round Draft Choice Los Angeles Dodgers - 2002; Member of 5A State Champion - Elkins High School 2002; Tied Dodger one game RBI record (9) in September 2006; Member of the Dodger Playoff Team 2006; Dodger starting 1st baseman 2007-2012; Tampa Bay starting 1st baseman 2014-15.

                                                                                                   Frank Zepeda
Frank was a boy who was extremely attached to his grandfather. My father was the Grandfather who became a coach on several of Frank's baseball teams and continuously taught Frank about baseball. Frank was really good at baseball and loved the sport. My father and Frank were inseparable and were each other's side kick and my father's Golden Boy. Unfortunately, my father was diagnosed with cancer and decided to obtain treatment at MDAnderson here in Houston. My father explained to Frank that Grandpa was going to Houston for a while because he was sick and that he could not be the coach for a while. Of course my father insisted that Frank continue with baseball and Frank struggled but did what his Grandpa asked of him. About a year later my father passed away at MD Anderson and Frank was devastated beyond belief. Frank's Grandfather, best friend, coach and side kick was called to the gates of Heaven. Frank's parents and family did their best to console and help with his grieving but for months he was devastated and did not want to play ball any longer.

During the time of my father’s treatment he wanted Frank to spend some time with Grandpa and possibly come to Houston for baseball camp. So my father searched the internet and found Coach Crowhop's Baseball Camp and was instantly taken by all that the camp had to offer. Unfortunately, my father became more ill and needed more treatment so Frank did not make it that summer but my Father never gave up on his boy. In fact, as ill as my father was, he asked us to drive him to Corpus to see one of Frank's baseball games, and we did. Frank was so thrilled and played an amazing game!

After my father passed we repeatedly reminded Frank of all the great memories baseball brought to him but he refused to play. Did not want to know anything about baseball, at all! Then one day I remembered the time my father told me about Coach Crowhop's Baseball Camp and how he wanted Frank to come and play. So after talking to Frank I finally convinced him to attend the camp and he ONLY did it because his Grandpa had told him that he, himself, was going to bring Frank to camp, The only reason he attended was because Grandpa told him to. When Frank attended camp last year, he did not do as great as he normally would have done with Grandpa but it was a BIG step for Frank to get back out there. Now Frank is doing better and is currently in baseball in Corpus Christi and every time he is at a game and up to bat he sends a kiss to Grandpa in Heaven. I am Frank's aunt and now I am here to carry on what Grandpa wanted, to take Frank to Coach Crowhop's Camp and Frank is excited to come back! Franks comes from Corpus Christi to Houston each year to have a great time at camp!

-The aunt of Frank Zepeda

This is my son's third time returning to Coach Crowhop's Camp. A year ago when my son first went to the camp they taught him the fundamentals of baseball such as turning his glove to catch the ball, fielding, and how to hit the ball with power. The camp was organized and structured. The coaches were fun and knew how to teach children from all ages and ability. My son has a blast at this camp and has learned so much that has helped him on the field!! :)

-Kim Brown about her son, Julian Heinstchel