In case of rain:

An update will be provided at approximately 7:00AM on this site informing you of  plans and modifications for the day, if any. Our 1st option is to work in the outfield but if fields are wet, drills may be on the asphalt. So, we ask campers to bring an additional pair of soft soled shoes and an older bat so as not to scratch up a newer one. We have made modifications through these type of weather patterns many times in our 24 years and we assure you, the kids will have a "ball" and learn lots of baseball. If it rains "on top of us" we will be under cover, probably in our classsroom. We will wait a reasonable time and then resume camp. If a storm continues and camp is called for the entire day, we may start earlier and finish later the next day to make up for lost time. Also, Friday is our rain make-up day but we have rarely had to resort to that option. We will stay with each camper till they are picked up.


Tuesday March 12, 2019

Looks like a great day for camp. See you there at 1st Colony Little League at about 8:45 AM.

Coach Ted Harris


Wednesday March 13, 2019

The major part of the front is not due for the Houston area till late morning or noon. So, camp is on. Temp is moderate but windy, so I would suggest bringing a jacket. Again, we have a clasroom and cover if the rain comes prematurely. Looking forward to a great day of baseball.

Coach Harris  


Thursday Matrch 14, 2019

The rain front has moved on thru our area and it looks like we will be able to hold camp as scheduled. We may have to be in the outfield or parking lot so bring cleats and soft soled shoes. We'll have a great concluding day. We are passing out the Coach Crowhopisms and summer schedule papers during camp and Crowhop t-shirts will be on sale for $2.

Thank you for being a great set of parents and we hope your campers are having a "ball."

Thank you

Coach Ted Harris